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Gain Control of your Windows 7 PC

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Here’s a great “trick” that will allows you to have ALL the options to control your PC with Windows 7 in one folder.

NOTE: People are also reporting that this works in 32-bit Vista, but NOT 64-bit Vista.

1.  Open Windows Explorer and create a new folder

Create the folder anywhere. For ease of use, I created mine in the Root directory/folder.

NOTE: Creating the folder on the Desktop might or might not work. The feedback seems to vary, so you’ll just have to experiment with it.

2.  Rename the folder by pasting the name below exactly as it appears:


NOTE: You can name it whatever you want (within reason), I just use “GodMode” in this example.

3.  Enjoy!

Start enjoy your all-in-one folder to control virtually every aspect of Windows 7.