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Purchasing a Computer in Texas…

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So you are thinking about purchasing a bright shiny new computer…Here are a few things to ponder before you make your decision.

No matter which brand you end up with you are mearly purchasing a conglomeration of parts from the lowest bidder that are all put together and then, the computer retailer simply adds their own stickers in order to call it a DELL, HP, Toshiba, etc. So, in my opinion, all computers are basically the same…The difference comes in after the sale. You have to look at replacement parts cost and availability and you have to also worry about technical support. You can get online and lookup reviews for technical support which should help you make your decision but it has been my experience that DELL is the way to go. I have sold a plethera of computers, laptops, and servers from many different retailers but I keep coming back to DELL. Read More »Purchasing a Computer in Texas…

Antivirus is a MUST!

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In today’s world, having updated antivirus running on your PC is a must. Without antivirus you take a chance of losing your data, spending a bunch of money to disinfect your system, infecting other friends and families, and just a bunch of bad stuff altogether…Read More »Antivirus is a MUST!